our Services

Safety Assessment

Evaluate standards, propose options and enhance as client desires to improve the safety of your loved one’s living environment.


Assess and implement desired security measures to provide a secure living space.

Housing Assessment

Assess current housing situation, determine best options that best suit your loved one’s needs and preferences, guide onboarding process for any transitions desired.

Emergency & Social communication

Establish effective communication strategies for emergencies and social connections.

Technology Assistance

Provide assistance with technology to keep your loved one connected and engaged.


Assess home maintenance effectiveness and create or enhance maintenance systems and plan to ensure a comfortable living space.


Explore context specific transportation options for your loved one’s safety and convenience.

Financial Matters

Assess financial management systems and relationships in order to offer guidance on financial relationships, communication and management.

Legal Provision

Navigate legal matters to safeguard your loved one’s interests.

daily tasks

Conduct daily tasks assessment to determine enhancements or coordinate appropriate assistance in order to simplify your loved one’s routine.

Additional Care Assessment & Onboarding

Evaluate additional care needs and assist in onboarding desired services.

medicinal and healthcare advocacy

Advocate for your loved one’s medical and healthcare needs to ensure their perspectives and desires are understood and at the forefront of all decision making.

insurance, benefits & subsidy guidance

Provide context specific assessments, research and guidance on navigating and maximizing insurance, benefits and subsidies.

End of life checklist & desires

Develop an end-of-life checklist and document your loved one’s desires.

nutrition planning

Assess your loved one’s nutritional approach and collaborate to find appropriate guidance that fits your loved one’s specific needs and preferences.